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Forgiving God

I don’t even know where to begin picking up the pieces or letting go of the pieces I thought were needed to add the puzzle called my destiny together. This has been one of the years where I realised I don’t know anything! Yes, Forgiving God!
I thought I’d be married now, on to my second qualification; having beautiful children calling me mama; having my own house, not very big, however have a room with a beautiful table and chair to inspire me to write whenever I walk in it. I had it all figured out and to me I don’t think I was being demanding to God! Now here I am, 20 something and I am not where I had imagined to be.
I got a job this year which was a step up for my career and paid really well. A month later, the whole teams’ contracts including mine were terminated simply because client decided they don’t want to work with the company I was working for. My first thought was why did God give me this job to have me home a month later? But I knew something will come up sooner. I am the…

Will you still be here, when the honeymoon is over?

"Marriage is not between people who love each other only, but people who cannot live without each other."
Relationships are simple yet so complicated. Something that is easily applied by me does not necessarily mean it’s going to be easily applied by the next person and it will work wonders for them. There’s really no formula to relationships, but you just don’t mess around with the matters of the heart hey!
Will you still be here with me after the honeymoon is over? Will you still dance to the rhythm of our heartbeats when the music stops? Will you still love me even when I’m unlovable? Those are questions I have been asking myself over the last few weeks. Do I desire to be with the one who gives up on me or who has committed to be with me despite the wrongs I make or how many times I mess up! '
Every relationship has a honeymoon phase. Where all is bliss. Where the both of you feel where has (s)he been all your life because I’ve never been happier, infact life began when…

Friendzone...a lighter term for rejection

Friendzone Defined: Refers to a platonic relationship where one person desires to enter into a romantic relationship, while the other does not; It refers to one individual in a friendship developing more intense feelings and wants to become “more than friends” with the other person. More often than not, the other person is unaware (so they say) of the friend’s desires and is quite happy with the friendship only arrangement.One thing about having friends of the opposite gender is the fact that, the more time you spend with them, the easier it is to be attracted to them. I believe that your lover must be your friend, therefore my guy friends are potential boyfriends to me (Well, not all of them). Lately, I realised how most of my guy friends I know were friendzoned, laughing at them I didn’t know that I will sooner fall in the same trap. Now, not that I go around asking my guy friends out, but every woman loves getting attention and the more I got attention from a gentle brother, the mo…

The Game Masters

Its taken me time to write on this topic as I really do not want anyone to feel attacked by my opinions, but when I write a post,it is after observations that I've made. Therefore,everything I write is through experience and secondary experience that people I know have experienced. We are one way or the other living life from the inside as life is not something that is read and you become an expert in it,but you live it and experience its lessons. Whether you love the lessons or not,it continues to teach and humbles you through experiences you go through.

With that said,I've come to admire men. I mean I really have an interest in this gender that I'm very happy that males were created. They are really lovely beings. I will not get into more details about these creatures now,but one thing I've come to observe is the spirit of a hunter in them. That on its own proves they've been cut from the same cloth. Nothing is so attractive like a man who chases after a woman eve…

The instant "microwave" generation

I was watching TV when I saw a commercial introducing 2 minutes instant pap! My reaction was "the world is coming to an end,lol I mean are we even lazy to wait for pap to cook for 15 minutes!". I'm living in an instant generation. A generation where even food companies are introducing fast cooking methods to accommodate us.

One vital thing I admire about the older generation is how they were able to stick it through. They mastered the principle of not making choices based on emotions. They were willing to walk for two hours to go pursue their passion. This is the generation that would not call off a relationship over matters that can be dealt with overnight. But, we give in and give up easily!
I live in a generation where we would be unstable business owners- for we take things personal and want to associate with those that only think like us as we are threatened by those who challenge our decisions/ideas. I live in a generation where we could never be CEOs, -for we are en…

The forbidden fruit type ' a guy

You probably wondering which type does this guy fall under and is he worth getting in love with?this is the dream guy,the guy whose just so perfect in every way or so we think. The one you've secretly admired without him knowing he's your dream guy. 

The guy fits your preference as if you had met him when you took time to write down your preferences in a man. 

I remember meeting this type of guy. First glance,I thought "Lord,I didn't know you still created such work of art" I mean he was tall;bold shoulders;perfect set of teeth; nice head shape with neatly shaven hair cut. His hands were so clean and not dry at all between the fingers. Its clear he takes good care of himself. 

"He looks good on the outside, he only appeals to the 5 senses. Smells good (that after he's given you a hug,you smell his cologne on you) looks good as if he's staying with a female figure who irons and gives him style tips on how to dress every morning,I mean he's so stylish

A father's presence...I never knew

Nearing towards Father's day, I find myself not knowing what to do. Talk about mother's day,and I'll give you plans that would last me a whole lifetime on how to spoil my mom,my queen. For father's day,I don't even know whether to simply send a text message to wish my dad a happy fathers day. Do I really mean it? Or will I be texting him because its Christian of me to do that? I'm puzzled!

There are so many things I'd like to speak to my dad about without sounding disrespectful or having family attack me. So papa,here it goes,

Letter to my dad...

You probably don't know my passion for writing,so you don't know that I'm capable of having a blog,where I write about everything and anything,therefore,you might see this as an attack. Its not,I'm thankful that you are my father,wouldn't ask for another dad.

Papa I never had great memories of you. I mean whenever I think back when you and mama were still married, home was always tense. I know …

Death...indescribable pain!

Pain!something one can never get used to no matter how many times they have experienced it. Death brings pain, an indescribable pain that makes the body so numb!

The past few weeks, my loved ones have lost their immediate family members and as a friend and a sister, i have to be there for them. I am probably not experiencing the amount of pain they are going through but if I'm hurt,in pain and mourning, i cant imagine what they are going through. Whenever someone dies, i am reminded how fast life can change! It can change in a split second. Next minute you are with your loved one, the next,(s)he is gone.

Losing a loved one is the hardest thing one can go through. You grew up with that person, spoke to them on a daily basis, text them every six hours, had disagreements with them yet went through the uncomfortable conversations to fix things through. Laughed, sang and danced with them . Went on holidays with them, then before you know it, you find out they are gone!dead! and all you…

A dream chaser!

Growth stops when you lose the tension between where you are and where you could be. Your desire to grow is the tension of your rubber band.
Wow!so this is really it! i started something and finished well! I cannot wait for new beginnings!
Growing up is scary, its doable but scary! Choices you make have consequences to them, its like you are planting a seed and you will reap what you have planted, whether you want it or not.

Its also easy to get comfortable hey!you start working, getting some few rands and all of a sudden, you get immune to your bank account receiving money every month. Its scary! lol life is something else!

Its my last day at work today, i am excited for new beginnings and adapting to change. As excited as i am, i have realised how some of my acquaintances freak out and get to a panic mode when they realise my contract has ended.

"Beg them, show up; do anything;its hard getting a job;show them you are desperate and you need the job" Those were some of the…


"People can move from being strangers; to knowing each other, to friends, to best of friends, to strangers" The saddest thing i have seen happen to me in relationships is losing a friend because of the choice i made. Its weird how we can be best of buddies and years...months or days later, we can never have a 3minutes conversation without sensing the tension between us increasing and our thoughts creating the next question to ask. "We used to be friends, we could speak about everything and anything without having to rehearse it!we used to share a laugh, we would burst out laughing and both know what we are laughing about without saying a word. What happened!?" Those are some of the questions i ask myself. That's how relationships can end. One friend of mine once said... "In relationships, people will always differ, its how you solve the differences that will determine the future of that relationship"- Gugu Kwinda. People will always differ; not agree…


Everyday i am reminded of how life will humble life is unfair and how life can change in a split second!

My high school biology teacher used to remind us that we are not yet living, after matric that is when we will see what life is about. I remember giggling and thinking " shame, she probably have missed out on life hence she thinks we are not living!"

Life will humble you!
At 18, i really thought that i will be done with varsity at age21, will be driving my first car at 23 and have my own place i call my home. I really thought it would be easy to get to varsity, only to get there with my marks needing to be reviewed. Basically one is then describedon  what they will study with the marks they have obtained in Grade 12. I recall one of my classmates laughing sarcastically, teasing on how we are excited of passing Grade 12 without an exemption. Unfortunately she did not know then that we will be in the same varsity a year later, both being first year students as sh…

An open letter to Putco buses

Dear Putco,

Every morning you are included in my morning prayer, as i am not sure if you will stop by the bus stop to pick me up. The other day you saw me running towards you and you just left me, knowing you are the last bus on that bus stop to get to where i am going, you left me desperate. I was told later that you are upset because i normally take the other bus so why am i using one of yours today!

You behave as if i don't pay to be in your bus. You are so unprofessional and very moody!One would mistaken you to be under the SA government because of your behaviour! You are unethical and everyday you leave me wondering if you will stop by.

Some of your passengers have marked seats and even keep seats for their friends who will only be in the bus 5 stops from mine! If me and Ma-Sithole have the same tags and pay the same amount, please can you tell your favourite passengers that i would like to sit where i want to sit.

End of the year, your drivers expect gifts from us passengers…

Getting to know Temogo

"Words are beautiful! I love letters put together to make up beautiful, strong words!- TA Pitjeng" Very detailed! Everything she does is planned and done intentionally so she may be responsible for her actions. She enjoys writing, though she does not do it as often as she should but does enjoy writing. Let me tell you more about Temo from my own experience with myself.

She has a strong character and is very emotional, she cries about everything and anything,whether good or bad. She loves love, loves to be around lovers! If she had to be a car, she would be a BMW X5, reason being, at first glance, you would think she is an introvert, a quiet shy girl. As you get to know her, she gets comfortable and comes out of her shell, you would really think that she is unapproachable, not knowing shes easy going all season round and very warm at heart. She is definitely one of those people who when you are in some sort of a relationship with her, its a timeless relationship, you cannot …