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What's Next?

Two months ago I read a Facebook update that said “Why must I get married? I mean after getting married, what’s next?” as much as he was denouncing the institution of marriage and not really sold out in marriage (which that’s his choice) I was very interested in the latter part of his Facebook post. Everything we do has what’s next we always ask ourselves because as human beings (I don’t think animals or other beings read my blog), while we still alive, we just don’t want to exist until we die but desire to live our lives to the fullest! Human as we are, we all have this thing in us that pushes us to desire to achieve something in life, achieve something for ourselves that we can be proud of. So… ·After your honours qualification, what’s next? ·You are married, what’s next ·You are in senior position in your career, what’s your next move? ·You launched your company with 300 employees, what’s next? ·You finally got the job title you’ve always dreamed of in an organisation you desired to work…