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70 yr old wise woman shares what to explore whilst dating

Several of you who have read my post titled “A Godly Hook Up” have asked me to explore the points Ma Annie Chikhwaza gave me with regards to things a woman should look out for before courting with a man. It’s always easy to get into a relationship, the hardest is finding the compatible person to spend the rest of your life with. Compatibility also does not mean you and your partner must be alike in everything, just because you are an extrovert, it does not necessarily mean you should marry an extrovert.
As I sat with ma Annie in 2013, a young lady desiring to get married one day, I realised advice from someone who has been married twice in her life, both these marriage were in God, but she described her first marriage as a mistake and gracefully loved being married to her second married. I knew lessons shared from her experience in her first marriage can help me. In her biography, she writes how she and her first husband met at a youth organisation. He was a youth leader, fully saved,…