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Get yourself checked woman!

“Well, she suffered from intense period pains and when she went to the doctor, she was told she has cysts and she needs to do an op”. That was the first time I heard of cysts and the first time I realised that it is not normal to have intense period pains that paralyse.
This was 2014 when I had the conversation with a friend about another friend. Knowing I also suffer from intense period pains, however, I didn’t see the need to go see the gynaecologist. By the end of 2014, I had heard of cysts from two women who had them and endured a lot of pain. “These things must be common” I thought. I continued enduring my intense period pains as myprodol would ease them for an hour or two, but I was not planning to go see a doctor. This was my thing, I am not a sickly person and never was in my early stages of growing up. So I feared doctors and hospitals. I still do! I always think 6 out of 10, doctors always tell you the worst news. But I knew that ignorance wouldn’t get me anywhere because I k…