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The Game Masters

Its taken me time to write on this topic as I really do not want anyone to feel attacked by my opinions, but when I write a post,it is after observations that I've made. Therefore,everything I write is through experience and secondary experience that people I know have experienced. We are one way or the other living life from the inside as life is not something that is read and you become an expert in it,but you live it and experience its lessons. Whether you love the lessons or not,it continues to teach and humbles you through experiences you go through.

With that said,I've come to admire men. I mean I really have an interest in this gender that I'm very happy that males were created. They are really lovely beings. I will not get into more details about these creatures now,but one thing I've come to observe is the spirit of a hunter in them. That on its own proves they've been cut from the same cloth. Nothing is so attractive like a man who chases after a woman eve…