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The girl with a stained past- Pt1

I grew up in a Christian home. We never practiced cultural things or cultural rituals. It was a traditional Christian home where we went to church and prayed and, I enjoyed church. I had a few crushes here and there and never remembered any of the sermons preached at church, but I really enjoyed singing hymns and church conferences. In a nutshell, that was me spiritually.
I recall in 2002, Rhema bible church had their school ministry team visit our school for a whole week. They spoke of Jesus and giving your life to Christ, but somehow I didn’t quite get it and felt it was for those who did not go to church and are not Christian. I went to church occasionally so they were not speaking to me. All I was focusing on was the handsome boys the ministry team came with and wanted to get their numbers. I did get some guy’s number, and he was cool and all, but everything he spoke about was my relationship with Jesus. Little did I know that he was concerned about my soul when I was concerned abo…