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Do Christians who pay lobola value their cultures more than God?

LOBOLA/MAGADI My name is Temogo and I am a born again child of God. I am also Pedi. My mother is Tsonga and my father is Pedi. I easily give it away I am Pedi as most Pedis pronounce their “R” different to other people. I grew up in a Christian home that never practiced any cultural practices such as ancestral rituals and so forth. However, growing up in an African home, one always knew the day someone decides to marry them, they are going to have to pay lobola. It was not up for discussion whether it should be paid or not.
As a Christian, lobola is not something I questioned whether it is detestable to God or not. I know that it is not what it used to be but, I just never questioned if Christians should be practicing it until I was questioned about it. “Did they pay lobola for you? If you had it your way, would you have allowed them to pay lobola for you? Will you want your children to pay lobola?” these are some of the questions that were posed to me that left me feeling confused and…