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A Godly Hook Up

“I know someone who can be compatible for you. He is my son, I love him so much and he is in ministry. I need your permission to give him your number.”

It was a normal working day for me. I was asked to interview Mrs Annie Chikhwaza from Malawi who was launching her book in South Africa. Ma Annie is in her mid-70s and has done the extra ordinary in her life. She was part of the team that worked to get permission for Rhema to have another branch in Alexandra. She birthed the Thandanani orphanage home in Alexandra which years later gave the birth to Kondanani Children’s village in Malawi which is the biggest orphanage village in Africa. It was an honour to be interviewing a believer who 50years later, was still hungering for God and living for God. A woman with such bravery and so much wisdom to share with me. I had the privilege to sit down with her in a 90minutes interview about her book that really transformed my life when I read it. 
Little did I know meeting her was a beginning of a …