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Everyday i am reminded of how life will humble life is unfair and how life can change in a split second!

My high school biology teacher used to remind us that we are not yet living, after matric that is when we will see what life is about. I remember giggling and thinking " shame, she probably have missed out on life hence she thinks we are not living!"

Life will humble you!
At 18, i really thought that i will be done with varsity at age21, will be driving my first car at 23 and have my own place i call my home. I really thought it would be easy to get to varsity, only to get there with my marks needing to be reviewed. Basically one is then describedon  what they will study with the marks they have obtained in Grade 12. I recall one of my classmates laughing sarcastically, teasing on how we are excited of passing Grade 12 without an exemption. Unfortunately she did not know then that we will be in the same varsity a year later, both being first year students as sh…

An open letter to Putco buses

Dear Putco,

Every morning you are included in my morning prayer, as i am not sure if you will stop by the bus stop to pick me up. The other day you saw me running towards you and you just left me, knowing you are the last bus on that bus stop to get to where i am going, you left me desperate. I was told later that you are upset because i normally take the other bus so why am i using one of yours today!

You behave as if i don't pay to be in your bus. You are so unprofessional and very moody!One would mistaken you to be under the SA government because of your behaviour! You are unethical and everyday you leave me wondering if you will stop by.

Some of your passengers have marked seats and even keep seats for their friends who will only be in the bus 5 stops from mine! If me and Ma-Sithole have the same tags and pay the same amount, please can you tell your favourite passengers that i would like to sit where i want to sit.

End of the year, your drivers expect gifts from us passengers…

Getting to know Temogo

"Words are beautiful! I love letters put together to make up beautiful, strong words!- TA Pitjeng" Very detailed! Everything she does is planned and done intentionally so she may be responsible for her actions. She enjoys writing, though she does not do it as often as she should but does enjoy writing. Let me tell you more about Temo from my own experience with myself.

She has a strong character and is very emotional, she cries about everything and anything,whether good or bad. She loves love, loves to be around lovers! If she had to be a car, she would be a BMW X5, reason being, at first glance, you would think she is an introvert, a quiet shy girl. As you get to know her, she gets comfortable and comes out of her shell, you would really think that she is unapproachable, not knowing shes easy going all season round and very warm at heart. She is definitely one of those people who when you are in some sort of a relationship with her, its a timeless relationship, you cannot …