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The forbidden fruit type ' a guy

You probably wondering which type does this guy fall under and is he worth getting in love with?this is the dream guy,the guy whose just so perfect in every way or so we think. The one you've secretly admired without him knowing he's your dream guy. 

The guy fits your preference as if you had met him when you took time to write down your preferences in a man. 

I remember meeting this type of guy. First glance,I thought "Lord,I didn't know you still created such work of art" I mean he was tall;bold shoulders;perfect set of teeth; nice head shape with neatly shaven hair cut. His hands were so clean and not dry at all between the fingers. Its clear he takes good care of himself. 

"He looks good on the outside, he only appeals to the 5 senses. Smells good (that after he's given you a hug,you smell his cologne on you) looks good as if he's staying with a female figure who irons and gives him style tips on how to dress every morning,I mean he's so stylish