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Marriage...A transition one can only prepare for

I know I know! All my posts now have all to do with marriage that it can be boring but that’s the harsh reality about marriage, or transitioning to marriage. There is no such as things will remain the same. Trust me! Things change, and the sooner you know this, the better for you to let go of your loved ones who are transitioning to marriage life. It’s a different phase and a different ball game that you need to prepare for.
I have mentioned a few times how I have always been passionate about relationships and desired to get married. Years back I started investing on dating-courtship messages and marriage stuff. I convinced myself I know it all, I mean what would still surprise me about myself that I didn’t take time to focus on when I was single…until I got into a relationship! There are certain things you can only know when you are in a relationship. Stuff only your partner can have the guts to tell you where your friends could not. I realised how a sulking baby I was! I still sulk …