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Forgiving God

I don’t even know where to begin picking up the pieces or letting go of the pieces I thought were needed to add the puzzle called my destiny together. This has been one of the years where I realised I don’t know anything! Yes, Forgiving God!
I thought I’d be married now, on to my second qualification; having beautiful children calling me mama; having my own house, not very big, however have a room with a beautiful table and chair to inspire me to write whenever I walk in it. I had it all figured out and to me I don’t think I was being demanding to God! Now here I am, 20 something and I am not where I had imagined to be.
I got a job this year which was a step up for my career and paid really well. A month later, the whole teams’ contracts including mine were terminated simply because client decided they don’t want to work with the company I was working for. My first thought was why did God give me this job to have me home a month later? But I knew something will come up sooner. I am the…

Will you still be here, when the honeymoon is over?

"Marriage is not between people who love each other only, but people who cannot live without each other."
Relationships are simple yet so complicated. Something that is easily applied by me does not necessarily mean it’s going to be easily applied by the next person and it will work wonders for them. There’s really no formula to relationships, but you just don’t mess around with the matters of the heart hey!
Will you still be here with me after the honeymoon is over? Will you still dance to the rhythm of our heartbeats when the music stops? Will you still love me even when I’m unlovable? Those are questions I have been asking myself over the last few weeks. Do I desire to be with the one who gives up on me or who has committed to be with me despite the wrongs I make or how many times I mess up! '
Every relationship has a honeymoon phase. Where all is bliss. Where the both of you feel where has (s)he been all your life because I’ve never been happier, infact life began when…