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Mothers are their daughter's best friends

My queen celebrates her 56th birthday tomorrow and I am so honoured to have her as my mother. The memories I have of this beautiful woman who seem to age so gracefully are too many to count. I have been through so much with her and have seen a mother who loves her children to a point that every choice she made, was made in thought of us (her children). I have come to realise that she is my best friend.
I can’t make up a lot of memories when I was still an infant, but my memories of realising that she’s my mother was because she was always around me. Lol! There’s no other way to put it but as a three year old, seeing this woman who seem to go everywhere with you and take care of you, kind of makes you recognise that this person is your mother. I remember the day offs from work she took to be with me at day care when it was my birthday. I would be the VIP for the day and she would have brought all my favourite goodies including cake with my name on it.

Many don’t know that mommy is the o…