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Now that he's gone, I missed him

It was 23h45 when we received a call that my father had passed on. B asked how am I, I said I am okay, turned around and went back to sleep. But I couldn’t sleep after hearing that my father is no more. I was confused. I thought of my gran and my brother because they were the closest to him. I started thinking about when exactly should I go home. Maybe a day before the funeral? I wasn’t too sure.
The first person I called was my brother who didn’t answer his phone. Then I called my mother and we spoke for a while. I then called my cousin, my dad’s first niece who explained what really happened and that my brother found him.
I wept. I wept so hard at the thought that my father died alone. I wept at the thought of what my brother experienced. I wept knowing that the text message I sent him the night before, he never got to read it because by then, he was already gone. It was so painful and it hurt. Only then it hit me that I had lost my father.
B and I left immediately. I love long driv…