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Death...indescribable pain!

Pain!something one can never get used to no matter how many times they have experienced it. Death brings pain, an indescribable pain that makes the body so numb!

The past few weeks, my loved ones have lost their immediate family members and as a friend and a sister, i have to be there for them. I am probably not experiencing the amount of pain they are going through but if I'm hurt,in pain and mourning, i cant imagine what they are going through. Whenever someone dies, i am reminded how fast life can change! It can change in a split second. Next minute you are with your loved one, the next,(s)he is gone.

Losing a loved one is the hardest thing one can go through. You grew up with that person, spoke to them on a daily basis, text them every six hours, had disagreements with them yet went through the uncomfortable conversations to fix things through. Laughed, sang and danced with them . Went on holidays with them, then before you know it, you find out they are gone!dead! and all you…

A dream chaser!

Growth stops when you lose the tension between where you are and where you could be. Your desire to grow is the tension of your rubber band.
Wow!so this is really it! i started something and finished well! I cannot wait for new beginnings!
Growing up is scary, its doable but scary! Choices you make have consequences to them, its like you are planting a seed and you will reap what you have planted, whether you want it or not.

Its also easy to get comfortable hey!you start working, getting some few rands and all of a sudden, you get immune to your bank account receiving money every month. Its scary! lol life is something else!

Its my last day at work today, i am excited for new beginnings and adapting to change. As excited as i am, i have realised how some of my acquaintances freak out and get to a panic mode when they realise my contract has ended.

"Beg them, show up; do anything;its hard getting a job;show them you are desperate and you need the job" Those were some of the…


"People can move from being strangers; to knowing each other, to friends, to best of friends, to strangers" The saddest thing i have seen happen to me in relationships is losing a friend because of the choice i made. Its weird how we can be best of buddies and years...months or days later, we can never have a 3minutes conversation without sensing the tension between us increasing and our thoughts creating the next question to ask. "We used to be friends, we could speak about everything and anything without having to rehearse it!we used to share a laugh, we would burst out laughing and both know what we are laughing about without saying a word. What happened!?" Those are some of the questions i ask myself. That's how relationships can end. One friend of mine once said... "In relationships, people will always differ, its how you solve the differences that will determine the future of that relationship"- Gugu Kwinda. People will always differ; not agree…