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Myths about marriage

Two weeks ago I celebrated my third year in marriage, all by God’s grace. As I reflected on my marriage, I began to separate what is the truth about marriage, and what is not. I’ve always been observant of my life and my marriage, but last year was an eye opener for me as I got to observe different marriages and how some people view marriage.
It was also evident that the devil is fighting so hard to ensure that marriages are viewed undesirably. More and more people start to lose hope in the union of marriage.
In my 3 years in marriage, I have also come to realise the lies we've believed that are not even close to the truth. 

You stay the same
Change is inevitable. Nothing stays the same. As you grow old and mature, you will notice that even your taste in things changes. Why then, are you expecting your spouse to stay the same person you married?
There are situations that will happen in your marriage/life that will change your view on life such as the loss of a loved one, an accide…