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Why ignore the details part1

Months back I went through one of the toughest week for me as I went on a media fast (It’s easier for me to fast food, but media is something else.) I had been putting it on hold for quite some time, but I knew it had to happen the moment my husband was chatting to me and I would be on Twitter reading on current news. It was as though media was my god and it was ruling my life. I would watch three hours of reality shows on YouTube without moving from the couch. So, it finally happened, and if you have been on a fast, you know the first days/week might be the hardest, but as your flesh starves for what it loves most, your spirit is being filled. Your fleshy senses phase out and you are more sensitive to what you see or hear and so forth.
One thing I love about fasting is as you spend time in God’s word and prayer, your spirit gets sensitive. You not only know what is right or wrong, but are able to choose what is right. The more you draw closer to God, He is also drawing to you and as y…