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The Love Story

“Do me a favour. Please write your vision. Make two copies and put each in an envelope. I will give you further instructions.”

So he does have game, I thought to myself when he asked me to write my vision. I knew “I know it sounds cliché especially when you are assuming what I knew, lol” but I knew God’s ways are perfect and good for me. I was at peace. It’s not easy to let your hair down on these love things especially when you’ve been hurt…more than 10times, yet I knew B will propose because things were different with him.
His first call made my day. I told one of my guy friends about the call. He said he can’t imagine how hard it was for B to call. It can be ego denting knowing your mother is hooking you up. That on its own feels as though you don’t have game or there is something wrong with you or maybe you can’t even make a move on a girl. I told my friend maybe I should text him to say thanks for the fun call that made my day. He agreed but warning me not to overanalyse the text m…