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Men, we need you!

Growing up, my cousins and I used to play “house”. This is a game with different names but played the same where, we get into roles and play family in an imaginary home in our backyards. One thing I remember from the game is how the boys would go hunt for birds, whilst the girls stay home, clean, fix the dinner table (made from paint tins and a scrap board) and wait for the boys to get back with the meat. Without fail, the boys always came home with something (a bird or locust). They would then clean up the bird and grill it on a braai stand they made. On bad days, it was hard to trap a bird, yet even on those bad days, they still brought home something from hunting. That’s how most of my age group played when we were young. It is disappointing to see some of the boys I grew up around, have lost the hunter in them. How did they get to this point? Is it the feminist movement or the lack of active fathers in the home?

The need for men in society hits me harder now that I am married. Don…