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7 things I am grateful for in 2017

The year is a few days from being over but it’s not over yet! God can still do something in your life, after all, He is The God of suddenly.
For B and I we started the year with plans to move from Durban. We felt Durban was not working for our careers and passions and really believed that JHB is the place we need to be to grow in our passions and networks. (I know, you probably think I convinced him to move to JHB! Not even close). I wanted us to move to Cape Town. A new city for the both of us to explore together. We would have only each other but he felt JHB is the place for us and I didn’t mind at all. After all, JHB will always be home for me. 😊
Fast forward to end of the year and we are still in Durban. What happened? Well, the 8 years of me being saved and have been through trials and tribulations, I knew that we can plan and have desires, but God’s plan will prevail in our lives. In fact, I wouldn’t want our plans to overtake His. Our lives took a different turn. As much as…