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Where the birthing of the union is sustained

As I was prepping for my new post for the month, I came across my prayer list Bongani and i had drafted whilst we were still courting We drafted this a month after we met and it continued to grow. Going through it made me realise how faithful God was. I decided to share this with you so you are also encouraged to draw up your own personal prayer list.

"Everything that is birthed through prayer, will be sustained by prayer."

 Bongani and Temogo's prayer items
1.Prayer of thanksgiving: 1Chro6v8-13; Deut8 ·Thanking God for allowing our paths to meet and do life together. ·Grateful for His protection and guidance in this long distance relationship. ·Thanking Him for continually developing fruit of the Spirit in us, and striving for a pure relationship that is pleasing to the Lord. Song of Songs3v5 ·Thankful for our families and Him joining the two families together. ·Grateful for good health, that we are able to travel as desired and use all our gifts and talents. ·For God to bless t…