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Divine Relationships

“In our lives, we have many relationships, casual and sometimes intimate. But the most significant ones to the kingdom of God are "divine relationships." In every call, whether secular or ministerial, God sends divine relationships to help strengthen your walk with Him. We may have many casual relationships, but divine relationships are very few. They can usually be counted on one hand. ”- pg29 God’s Generals, why they succeeded and why some failed book by Roberts Liardon

When I read about divine relationships, I started evaluating my life and my relationships. Bishop TD Jakes also has a similar sermon preaching on divine relationships and explaining you never encounter divine relationships every day. He goes on to say, consider yourself lucky if you have more than three divine relationships in your life.
Relationships are everything to me. I am passionate about relationships in a broader scale as I know they shape one’s life. As I learned more about divine relationships I rea…