Divine Relationships

“In our lives, we have many relationships, casual and sometimes intimate. But the most significant ones to the kingdom of God are "divine relationships." In every call, whether secular or ministerial, God sends divine relationships to help strengthen your walk with Him. We may have many casual relationships, but divine relationships are very few. They can usually be counted on one hand. ”- pg29 God’s Generals, why they succeeded and why some failed book by Roberts Liardon

When I read about divine relationships, I started evaluating my life and my relationships. Bishop TD Jakes also has a similar sermon preaching on divine relationships and explaining you never encounter divine relationships every day. He goes on to say, consider yourself lucky if you have more than three divine relationships in your life.

Relationships are everything to me. I am passionate about relationships in a broader scale as I know they shape one’s life. As I learned more about divine relationships I really began to evaluate my relationships. I realised how God has blessed me. My understanding of divine relationships are those special unique relationships that are Godly ordained, relationships that were predestined by God for the fulfilment of His will in them, that we may take others or they may take us to the next level. It is relationships which whenever you part ways with those people, you dare to dream again, you seek and hunger more of God and you part ways with them have learned so much.


Some of the things I love is good food, I believe God gave me wisdom to know some of the food I eat here on earth, are not in heaven so I always indulge in good food. I love good food. As much as good food goes well alone, it is a bonus to be having deep meaningful conversations while I eat. Deep conversations that interest me. Lately I have been aware of the type of conversations that move me. I mean it’s easy to find good food and it’s easy to have a good conversation, people have those almost every day but I am talking about a different set of deep conversations. Not conversations that start with “So…what do you do or where do you work.” Not everything is about career. I can talk career. I can tell you all about my industry because I am passionate about PR&Communications,but I know there’s more to deep conversations. I am talking about life changing conversations. There’s more to career, there’s more to cars, there’s more to bank accounts, there’s just more to those things and that is God. There is God. There is God who opens doors for us to get into our careers, there is the God who has given us a purpose. Purpose and job is not the same thing, we are all working towards something. It’s either you are working in your purpose and getting paid for it, or you are working to fulfil other people’s dreams, but we are all working. There is a God who answers prayers and has good wills for our lives. Those are the conversations I am talking about. Where we can sit and talk about God with people who are living for God and are good influencers to others.

I am blessed with divine relationships in my life and I am thankful to God for bringing such people in my life. People who I don’t have to rehearse my conversations with them in my head hours before I meet with them. People who I can be myself around. People who I don’t have to have something tangible to show for to prove I have been working hard. People don’t define success as having the world’s finest things. These are friends who drive cars and will never be name dropping which type of car they drive for they have come to a point that a car is just means of transport, that’s it. God had brought such people in my life to take me to the next level. I can literally point out how my life changed just by knowing so and so. How my destiny transformed, how my faith grew, how my dreams stopped having limits and how my prayer life matured. Ps Don Phillips once taught on character and he said “In life, he has realised there’s only a handful of people who are striving and are genuinely living for a life serviced to God.” I remember thinking, just a handful! That’s so little until God began to talk to me about divine relationships. I also don’t have more than seven divine relationships but the ones I have I am forever grateful to God for. I’d rather have deep relationships than wide relationships that are all casual.
 We all need to have divine relationships, people you can talk to, people you can trust and can be accountable to. People who will tell you in love when you mess up. People who desire the best for you and who hold you up in prayer. People who would like to do life with you and learn from you. We all need divine connections for God to take us where He needs us to be. Connections that make a huge impact in our lives. I believe we all need that. We need the David and Jonathan relationships and Naomi and Ruth type of relationships. If you don’t have those as yet, pray for them in your life and also pray to never miss them. Many people have had divine relationships but took it for granted and realised later. Others died lonely people because they always chased after other things and conformed to other people’s lives just to belong because they missed their divine relationships and connections.

“Don't miss your divine relationships in life. There will always be fellow labourers, but divine relationships are few and far between.”





  1. wow is all I can say. im thinking about mine as well and its true they are few and far between. there are people u can casually say God is good to- almost in passing and then there are those you can go deeper with. Those who know the good and the bad and who encourage you to go further, who energise you, who u can call on to just remind u of the purpose of God. Thanks for this blog Temo!


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