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What do you wish you knew when you were 21 that you know now

This time last year, I attended the annual Rhema women’s conference and during their panel discussion, different women were asked “What do you wish you knew at 21 that you know now?” Wise women who were on the panel discussion answered, but one reply left me evaluating my own life. Quoting Dr Mpofu “I wish I knew for wrong things to happen, things don’t have to be wrong. God does not waste pain. I went to Namibia. The hotel we were in was in the middle of nowhere in the dessert, and I concentrated on the desolate dessert where there was no rain. That night as we sat outside, the sky was so beautiful, the stars were so clear and so close. God said to me, I created rain, and it is me who chooses where there will be rain. I chose for rain not to be here, and look how you are enjoying the beauty of the dessert. Check in your life where you are expecting me to bring rain, when I have chosen that there shouldn’t be any.” I asked my lady friends the same question, these are the lessons they s…