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When all fails, you will be judged on Character- sad tale on Oscar Pistorius

I am probably one of the many who are glued to the Oscar Pistorius trial through every media channel reporting on this case. It’s an emotional trial which I’m not sure the trial should be broadcasted on television, but my heart goes out to both families, Reeva’s and Oscar’s.
I can’t imagine how it may be for Reeva’s loved ones. First they have to deal with the tragic loss of their daughter, and now being in court everyday wanting justice. They probably have so many questions to ask but not even the questions are enough to bring her back. It was the two of them in the estate, and only the late Reeva and Oscar know really what went down in the early morning of Valentine’s Day 2013.
The morning news on the 14th of February 2013, news that Oscar shot his girlfriend, weren’t as shocking to me. I remembered how he retaliated at the 2012 Paralympics game when he refused to take the loss with his lose chin up. He threw a tantrum and came up with every lame excuse why Oliveria should not have w…