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The essense of festive is giving

It’s festive season!!! And the last thing one needs to read is a long post! So I am going to keep it short. There’s something exciting about December. For many Christians, we remember the birth of our Saviour Jesus Christ. It is for this very reason we celebrate.
December is my time to pause and reflect on the year I have had. Go back to my year goals and see how far I have come with them. It is a time for me to pray for my plans for the next year. 2015 has been a great year for me. I have seen God’s faithfulness and His provision in a remarkable way. I thank God that I am still saved. I have seen children of God drift away from Him without even noticing, therefore I thank Him for my salvation. I thank God for my marriage. Looking back to the failed relationships and the silent times where I wondered, if I have a desire to do life with someone, why is it that nothing is happening, but God knew better. B gave me a scare last month when he had a seizure one early morning. From that day,…

Do Christians who pay lobola value their cultures more than God?

LOBOLA/MAGADI My name is Temogo and I am a born again child of God. I am also Pedi. My mother is Tsonga and my father is Pedi. I easily give it away I am Pedi as most Pedis pronounce their “R” different to other people. I grew up in a Christian home that never practiced any cultural practices such as ancestral rituals and so forth. However, growing up in an African home, one always knew the day someone decides to marry them, they are going to have to pay lobola. It was not up for discussion whether it should be paid or not.
As a Christian, lobola is not something I questioned whether it is detestable to God or not. I know that it is not what it used to be but, I just never questioned if Christians should be practicing it until I was questioned about it. “Did they pay lobola for you? If you had it your way, would you have allowed them to pay lobola for you? Will you want your children to pay lobola?” these are some of the questions that were posed to me that left me feeling confused and…

Men, we need you!

Growing up, my cousins and I used to play “house”. This is a game with different names but played the same where, we get into roles and play family in an imaginary home in our backyards. One thing I remember from the game is how the boys would go hunt for birds, whilst the girls stay home, clean, fix the dinner table (made from paint tins and a scrap board) and wait for the boys to get back with the meat. Without fail, the boys always came home with something (a bird or locust). They would then clean up the bird and grill it on a braai stand they made. On bad days, it was hard to trap a bird, yet even on those bad days, they still brought home something from hunting. That’s how most of my age group played when we were young. It is disappointing to see some of the boys I grew up around, have lost the hunter in them. How did they get to this point? Is it the feminist movement or the lack of active fathers in the home?

The need for men in society hits me harder now that I am married. Don…

Why ignore the details part1

Months back I went through one of the toughest week for me as I went on a media fast (It’s easier for me to fast food, but media is something else.) I had been putting it on hold for quite some time, but I knew it had to happen the moment my husband was chatting to me and I would be on Twitter reading on current news. It was as though media was my god and it was ruling my life. I would watch three hours of reality shows on YouTube without moving from the couch. So, it finally happened, and if you have been on a fast, you know the first days/week might be the hardest, but as your flesh starves for what it loves most, your spirit is being filled. Your fleshy senses phase out and you are more sensitive to what you see or hear and so forth.
One thing I love about fasting is as you spend time in God’s word and prayer, your spirit gets sensitive. You not only know what is right or wrong, but are able to choose what is right. The more you draw closer to God, He is also drawing to you and as y…

What do you wish you knew when you were 21 that you know now

This time last year, I attended the annual Rhema women’s conference and during their panel discussion, different women were asked “What do you wish you knew at 21 that you know now?” Wise women who were on the panel discussion answered, but one reply left me evaluating my own life. Quoting Dr Mpofu “I wish I knew for wrong things to happen, things don’t have to be wrong. God does not waste pain. I went to Namibia. The hotel we were in was in the middle of nowhere in the dessert, and I concentrated on the desolate dessert where there was no rain. That night as we sat outside, the sky was so beautiful, the stars were so clear and so close. God said to me, I created rain, and it is me who chooses where there will be rain. I chose for rain not to be here, and look how you are enjoying the beauty of the dessert. Check in your life where you are expecting me to bring rain, when I have chosen that there shouldn’t be any.” I asked my lady friends the same question, these are the lessons they s…

70 yr old wise woman shares what to explore whilst dating

Several of you who have read my post titled “A Godly Hook Up” have asked me to explore the points Ma Annie Chikhwaza gave me with regards to things a woman should look out for before courting with a man. It’s always easy to get into a relationship, the hardest is finding the compatible person to spend the rest of your life with. Compatibility also does not mean you and your partner must be alike in everything, just because you are an extrovert, it does not necessarily mean you should marry an extrovert.
As I sat with ma Annie in 2013, a young lady desiring to get married one day, I realised advice from someone who has been married twice in her life, both these marriage were in God, but she described her first marriage as a mistake and gracefully loved being married to her second married. I knew lessons shared from her experience in her first marriage can help me. In her biography, she writes how she and her first husband met at a youth organisation. He was a youth leader, fully saved,…

Lest we think what the youth of ’76 did was normal

I wonder if I would have been part of those meetings. Meetings when the June 16 march was planned. Already the country was in turmoil. I wonder what kept the hope in them and have the courage to still be willing to protest against being taught in Afrikaans. I believe they were fed up. The new law for township schools to be taught in Afrikaans was the last toll  for them, but I wonder if I would have been in those meetings. Or
If I would I have been part of the mass? The mass that believed in the vision of the small group of learners who were structuring the march in those meetings. Most learners and teachers were not agreeing with the new law, but how many of us are willing to stand for what we don’t believe in? Conforming is always better and “wiser” than fighting the system that already had our leaders in jail. We don’t agree with a lot of things in our workplaces, schools, and our country, yet many complain amongst ourselves and we never take action.
“A friend said to me that drive i…

What's Next?

Two months ago I read a Facebook update that said “Why must I get married? I mean after getting married, what’s next?” as much as he was denouncing the institution of marriage and not really sold out in marriage (which that’s his choice) I was very interested in the latter part of his Facebook post. Everything we do has what’s next we always ask ourselves because as human beings (I don’t think animals or other beings read my blog), while we still alive, we just don’t want to exist until we die but desire to live our lives to the fullest! Human as we are, we all have this thing in us that pushes us to desire to achieve something in life, achieve something for ourselves that we can be proud of. So… ·After your honours qualification, what’s next? ·You are married, what’s next ·You are in senior position in your career, what’s your next move? ·You launched your company with 300 employees, what’s next? ·You finally got the job title you’ve always dreamed of in an organisation you desired to work…