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A father's presence...I never knew

Nearing towards Father's day, I find myself not knowing what to do. Talk about mother's day,and I'll give you plans that would last me a whole lifetime on how to spoil my mom,my queen. For father's day,I don't even know whether to simply send a text message to wish my dad a happy fathers day. Do I really mean it? Or will I be texting him because its Christian of me to do that? I'm puzzled!

There are so many things I'd like to speak to my dad about without sounding disrespectful or having family attack me. So papa,here it goes,

Letter to my dad...

You probably don't know my passion for writing,so you don't know that I'm capable of having a blog,where I write about everything and anything,therefore,you might see this as an attack. Its not,I'm thankful that you are my father,wouldn't ask for another dad.

Papa I never had great memories of you. I mean whenever I think back when you and mama were still married, home was always tense. I know …