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5 things no one tells you about marriage

There are certain things you can never fully comprehend what people meant until you in it, and marriage is one of those things. You may read all the books in this planet about marriage, prepare yourself to be a good spouse, but the reality is, until you are in it, all is just hear say. I have been married for 11months and it’s been one interesting 11months of my life. I believe, marriage is not for a certain age, but it is for the matured and for those willing to sacrifice for the next person.
One woman once said “Marriage is spelled WORK!”. There is so much truth to that statement because every day you work on your marriage. B and I went for pre-marital counselling. In my single years, I attended a lot of single seminars and listened to a lot of marriage sermons so I prepare myself for this beautiful ministry called marriage. I have no regrets in doing so because the knowledge I received I still use it even today, however, nothing fully made me comprehend what marriage would be like.…