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Letter to my 16year old self

Hi dearest Temogo, I have known you all your life and now at 26 years, I believe in you and looking forward to sharing the truth with you now so life does not leave you brain damaged and have your family writing to Khumbulekhaya for your whereabouts, only to be found locked up in a tavern at some informal settlement.
Temogo, you are so beautiful when you smile, you really are worth it. I know you have not kissed a guy as yet and you sometimes think there’s something wrong with you because you do not have a boyfriend or cannot even keep one for a month. It’s okay, there is nothing wrong with you. We are all wired differently and something’s are truly not for you to experience. Make peace with this now before it breaks you. From a young age, you have never compromised and it cannot start now. You know who you are and that is enough. Embrace who you are instead of being who the guy wants you to be just for the sake of being in a relationship. They want fun and you desire special moments t…