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A Sudden Revival

Below is one of the short stories i wrote for a writing competition i entered last year. Thought i should share it with you. Hope you enjoy it. 
She felt like she was suffocating as her mother squeezed her in her arms. She never was affectionate from a young age. “Mom, you can let go now, I am not moving to another country, I’m only moving to another province.” “I know but the house is never going to be the same without you, I feel like I’m losing my girl.” Lisa’s mother said as she looked into her eyes whilst stroking her arms. Lisa was moving out of home. The only home she ever knew since she was as young as she was able to know that the boxes that human beings live in, is called a house. Her mother firmly holds her right hand and walks her out the door, “Go before I ask you to sleep home one more night.” Mother kisses her forehead, opens the driver’s door and quickly peeks through the driver’ window. “Baby, remember God will never leave nor forsake you. We may be far, but He is never…