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Lest we think what the youth of ’76 did was normal

I wonder if I would have been part of those meetings. Meetings when the June 16 march was planned. Already the country was in turmoil. I wonder what kept the hope in them and have the courage to still be willing to protest against being taught in Afrikaans. I believe they were fed up. The new law for township schools to be taught in Afrikaans was the last toll  for them, but I wonder if I would have been in those meetings. Or
If I would I have been part of the mass? The mass that believed in the vision of the small group of learners who were structuring the march in those meetings. Most learners and teachers were not agreeing with the new law, but how many of us are willing to stand for what we don’t believe in? Conforming is always better and “wiser” than fighting the system that already had our leaders in jail. We don’t agree with a lot of things in our workplaces, schools, and our country, yet many complain amongst ourselves and we never take action.
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