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Why do you do what you do?

Growing up is something else! You notice how time passes by so quickly and wonder if you and your peers have the same 24 hours because for some odd reason, they seem to be moving on with life. You realise you have yourself to blame if your life does not turn out the way you would have desired it to. Adult life is definitely no child’s play (excuse the pun!). Another wonder about growing up is what would you be remembered for, or are you even living the quality life God designed for you to live?
One of the questions I don’t like to be asked is “So, what do you do?” I always feel like how I respond to that question, determines what the person who asked me thinks of me. More than anything, I don’t like asking the question because what someone does, is not necessarily who they are. As I build relationships, it is not what you do that matters to me. What matters is, who are you? , And WHY do you do what you do.
When I took a break from blogging and decided to go to…