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Will miss home BUT I cannot wait for what’s ahead!

So I’m getting married in a few months from now and I’m thrilled! Very excited, been planning and transitioning all this year and I am looking forward to be married to my best friend and one man I’m very attracted to. Happy times! Not only am I getting married, but I am permanently moving from Johannesburg to Durban. I’m glad I never get to experience winter again as Durban is one warm place all season.
I was reminded by my bestie how I’ve always desired to move from Johannesburg and as much as I am not moving to the provinces I desired to live in, I am surely leaving Johannesburg as I always desired to. I needed change in my life. Johannesburg was not working out for me anymore. I didn’t fit anymore and it felt like my time in jozi has expired. I remember one point I was applying for all the missionary trips around Africa just so I move and experience other places…and food. Now I’m finally moving, I realised how much I am going to miss home. Soweto is home, my family, friends, and mos…

Divine Relationships

“In our lives, we have many relationships, casual and sometimes intimate. But the most significant ones to the kingdom of God are "divine relationships." In every call, whether secular or ministerial, God sends divine relationships to help strengthen your walk with Him. We may have many casual relationships, but divine relationships are very few. They can usually be counted on one hand. ”- pg29 God’s Generals, why they succeeded and why some failed book by Roberts Liardon

When I read about divine relationships, I started evaluating my life and my relationships. Bishop TD Jakes also has a similar sermon preaching on divine relationships and explaining you never encounter divine relationships every day. He goes on to say, consider yourself lucky if you have more than three divine relationships in your life.
Relationships are everything to me. I am passionate about relationships in a broader scale as I know they shape one’s life. As I learned more about divine relationships I rea…

The Love Story

“Do me a favour. Please write your vision. Make two copies and put each in an envelope. I will give you further instructions.”

So he does have game, I thought to myself when he asked me to write my vision. I knew “I know it sounds cliché especially when you are assuming what I knew, lol” but I knew God’s ways are perfect and good for me. I was at peace. It’s not easy to let your hair down on these love things especially when you’ve been hurt…more than 10times, yet I knew B will propose because things were different with him.
His first call made my day. I told one of my guy friends about the call. He said he can’t imagine how hard it was for B to call. It can be ego denting knowing your mother is hooking you up. That on its own feels as though you don’t have game or there is something wrong with you or maybe you can’t even make a move on a girl. I told my friend maybe I should text him to say thanks for the fun call that made my day. He agreed but warning me not to overanalyse the text m…

A Godly Hook Up

“I know someone who can be compatible for you. He is my son, I love him so much and he is in ministry. I need your permission to give him your number.”

It was a normal working day for me. I was asked to interview Mrs Annie Chikhwaza from Malawi who was launching her book in South Africa. Ma Annie is in her mid-70s and has done the extra ordinary in her life. She was part of the team that worked to get permission for Rhema to have another branch in Alexandra. She birthed the Thandanani orphanage home in Alexandra which years later gave the birth to Kondanani Children’s village in Malawi which is the biggest orphanage village in Africa. It was an honour to be interviewing a believer who 50years later, was still hungering for God and living for God. A woman with such bravery and so much wisdom to share with me. I had the privilege to sit down with her in a 90minutes interview about her book that really transformed my life when I read it. 
Little did I know meeting her was a beginning of a …

Letter to my 16year old self

Hi dearest Temogo, I have known you all your life and now at 26 years, I believe in you and looking forward to sharing the truth with you now so life does not leave you brain damaged and have your family writing to Khumbulekhaya for your whereabouts, only to be found locked up in a tavern at some informal settlement.
Temogo, you are so beautiful when you smile, you really are worth it. I know you have not kissed a guy as yet and you sometimes think there’s something wrong with you because you do not have a boyfriend or cannot even keep one for a month. It’s okay, there is nothing wrong with you. We are all wired differently and something’s are truly not for you to experience. Make peace with this now before it breaks you. From a young age, you have never compromised and it cannot start now. You know who you are and that is enough. Embrace who you are instead of being who the guy wants you to be just for the sake of being in a relationship. They want fun and you desire special moments t…

When all fails, you will be judged on Character- sad tale on Oscar Pistorius

I am probably one of the many who are glued to the Oscar Pistorius trial through every media channel reporting on this case. It’s an emotional trial which I’m not sure the trial should be broadcasted on television, but my heart goes out to both families, Reeva’s and Oscar’s.
I can’t imagine how it may be for Reeva’s loved ones. First they have to deal with the tragic loss of their daughter, and now being in court everyday wanting justice. They probably have so many questions to ask but not even the questions are enough to bring her back. It was the two of them in the estate, and only the late Reeva and Oscar know really what went down in the early morning of Valentine’s Day 2013.
The morning news on the 14th of February 2013, news that Oscar shot his girlfriend, weren’t as shocking to me. I remembered how he retaliated at the 2012 Paralympics game when he refused to take the loss with his lose chin up. He threw a tantrum and came up with every lame excuse why Oliveria should not have w…

Life lived from the inside : In a relationship,don't sweat the small staff

Life lived from the inside : In a relationship,don't sweat the small stuff: I have been found by an amazing man. He really is amazing to be craze in love with me, Lol! Truly special. Nothing beats being loved back b...

In a relationship,don't sweat the small stuff

I have been found by an amazing man. He really is amazing to be crazy in love with me, Lol! Truly special. Nothing beats being loved back by someone you love. Someone who just loves showing you off! A man who is so sure and you don’t have to second guess if you’re in a relationship with this person or not. You are very assured where the end of this will be as intentions are crystal clear. Oh my! It’s clear hey?!…it’s clear that I have chosen! More than anything I am happy. Love is beautiful- and my B just makes love more colourful.

As much as it has been an interesting journey being in a relationship after being single for more than two years, it’s weird how one was now immune to being single. I would desire to be in a relationship one day, but I was used to being single and living my life. With B being in my life, and me being in his, as much as we are alike and believe in the same things, our opinions differ, we are still different and I have been learning not to sweat the small stuf…

Mothers are their daughter's best friends

My queen celebrates her 56th birthday tomorrow and I am so honoured to have her as my mother. The memories I have of this beautiful woman who seem to age so gracefully are too many to count. I have been through so much with her and have seen a mother who loves her children to a point that every choice she made, was made in thought of us (her children). I have come to realise that she is my best friend.
I can’t make up a lot of memories when I was still an infant, but my memories of realising that she’s my mother was because she was always around me. Lol! There’s no other way to put it but as a three year old, seeing this woman who seem to go everywhere with you and take care of you, kind of makes you recognise that this person is your mother. I remember the day offs from work she took to be with me at day care when it was my birthday. I would be the VIP for the day and she would have brought all my favourite goodies including cake with my name on it.

Many don’t know that mommy is the o…
What a year it has been! December is a month where I reflect on how the year was and also plan things that I need to do next year. This is the first festive where I was indoors most of the time. As much as I love great company, this festive was different for me. I was more happy being alone reading than being out and about. I have never stretched like I did this year. A year that started so well. I could see the light at the end of the tunnel, I was able to see it in January 2013. Hopeful as I was, and very detailed, I wrote the plans down, my 2013 plans. The year started with a new year’s lunch with friends, good food and great conversations, more my style! Mom likes to say “If God could show us the future, we would not make the decisions we make because we would have seen that’s not the best direction to go”. If I knew that 2013 would be a benchmark year for me, I would have asked God to be a little easier on me, so I stretch slowly by a year, and not by a month.
The light I saw at th…