Will miss home BUT I cannot wait for what’s ahead!

So I’m getting married in a few months from now and I’m thrilled! Very excited, been planning and transitioning all this year and I am looking forward to be married to my best friend and one man I’m very attracted to. Happy times! Not only am I getting married, but I am permanently moving from Johannesburg to Durban. I’m glad I never get to experience winter again as Durban is one warm place all season.

I was reminded by my bestie how I’ve always desired to move from Johannesburg and as much as I am not moving to the provinces I desired to live in, I am surely leaving Johannesburg as I always desired to. I needed change in my life. Johannesburg was not working out for me anymore. I didn’t fit anymore and it felt like my time in jozi has expired. I remember one point I was applying for all the missionary trips around Africa just so I move and experience other places…and food. Now I’m finally moving, I realised how much I am going to miss home. Soweto is home, my family, friends, and most memories were all created in Soweto, just having an effortless daily routine, knowing when I leave home, I will see a familiar face of my neighbour are some of the things I’m going to miss.

 Three years back I started being disciplined in how I invest my time, and I made sure most Sundays and family holidays I am home because I knew a time will come where I no longer get to see them as often as I used to. I am glad I prioritised family when I needed to as it strengthened bonds and made us create memories together.

§  Quality time with my mother and lil sister…Every Day

I am fortunate to have been able to spend most time with my mother. Every night, I looked forward to her coming home from work so we can eat supper and watch our favourite TV programmes together. As much as sometimes we disagree on TV channels and what to watch, most times we didn’t fight over the TV remote because we both love the same TV programmes. I am going to miss our laughters together and the many stories she always shared with my lil sister and I every night. At times, she comes home very tired to just eat and go straight to bed but would still spent time with us before she calls it a night. I am going to miss that. I am going to miss her cooking, our lunch dates together end of the month, watching movies together and our team work, I did the laundry and she ironed it.

 I’m going to miss my little sister. I have never in my whole entire life met someone as sweet and loving as my little sister Tamara. She’s so special to me. I am always spoiled by her and she is always ready to help out. What I love about her is the respect she has for me. Not once have I argued with my sister or heard her shout at me. No matter how upset she is, she always knows how to control her emotions. She’s so amazing. I am going to miss her singing. She loves music and loves to dance. I am definitely going to miss her dancing in front of the mirror and practicing new dance moves (she’ll probably say the same thing about me because somehow, we both love dancing in front of the mirror).

§  My bestie…Tinyiko

God is a restorer! To think a year back, I had asked for a break in our relationship because I felt it was getting toxic and there was not respect anymore, little did I know how God is going to restore my friendship with Tinyiko. This year has truly been the best year of our relationship. Out of the laughter and the smoothie drinks we enjoyed, I loved the prayer times we spent together. Those are amazing. I am going to miss leaving home and walking to her home for a quick visit that ends up being a 6hour visit, or more! I am going to miss taking walks with her and having deep conversations with her while envisioning a great life in the future. Oh we dreamed! We never limited ourselves. We always ended up at conferences with no money but somehow we always managed to get home. I am more disciplined but Tinyiko is just a faith stirrer. I don’t know whether to call it that or a chancer, whichever way, it always worked to our advantage.

 What I loved is how God gave us the grace to be able to allow the next person to transition and not be clingy whilst the other is trying to build a life with their future spouse. As much as time was given for us to transition, I am still going to miss her so much. Love her.

§  Kota (Bunny Chow)

By now you know my love for food. I am going to miss Ntsitsi kota. The first time I tasted Ntsitsi kota from Diepkloof was in high school. I was in Grade 10 and they have never disappointed me ever! They sell the best kota ever in South Africa. Yes, I’ve not yet tasted every kota from other provinces but only Soweto masters kota and the best one is Ntsitsi. This place is up the road from my home and walks with friends to this place are always a bliss. Eating it with a loved one is even more special, it just brings us together and reminds us of our roots, lol!

§  My home church, Grace Bible Church

I am very sceptical about visiting other churches. Even after it took me a while to visit Grace, when I did go, I knew at that moment that I had found my new home where I will be fed and grow spiritually. I am grateful of the sound teachings I received from church. The friendships I gained, the work experience I was given, all will never be taken for granted. It is my second home. I belonged. I had fun.

 I’m going to miss the Grace Young men as well. A thought of them just reminded me of a wedding I attended and most young men from church were there. When it was time for the gutter to be thrown, they sat on their chairs as though they was glue on them…and they are single! Lol you gots to love them! I know they always thought I’m picking on them but I just loved letting them know that they take time to seal the deal that they end up being friendzoned! Jokes aside, I am going to miss how patient they are and always sweet and loving.

 I am going to miss the worship team. They are amazing, always putting their best foot forward and knowing the difference between performing and ministering. Ill also miss the guy who always dances for the Lord in front during praise and worship every Sunday at church. I would look at him, how happy he always was to dance for His Lord. Whether it’s cold, or hot, or rainy outside, he is always the same, dancing for the Lord in front, minding his own business and doesn’t care what the congregants will say. I’m going to miss my spiritual father and Dr Mathole. Their passion in preps for their teachings. How Bishop Sono is such a father even in his teachings. I have grown from what the Lord has entrusted them with.

These and more are some of the things I will miss. I must say I look forward to moving. I believe my destiny is bigger and when the move needs to happen, it needs to happen. I am looking forward to doing what God has called me to do in Durban and what He is going to do in my marriage. I am looking forward to living in the land God has given me, moving from all that has been familiar all my life. In fact, those that know me already know that in heart and spirit, I have already moved, now I am just passing time in jozi and it has never been the same ever since I visited the land God has given me.


  1. I really enjoyed reading this. Woww! What a move....breaking up with your bestie on agreement cos the friendship was getting toxic. Ai le deep.


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