An open letter to Putco buses

Dear Putco,

Every morning you are included in my morning prayer, as i am not sure if you will stop by the bus stop to pick me up. The other day you saw me running towards you and you just left me, knowing you are the last bus on that bus stop to get to where i am going, you left me desperate. I was told later that you are upset because i normally take the other bus so why am i using one of yours today!

You behave as if i don't pay to be in your bus. You are so unprofessional and very moody!One would mistaken you to be under the SA government because of your behaviour! You are unethical and everyday you leave me wondering if you will stop by.

Some of your passengers have marked seats and even keep seats for their friends who will only be in the bus 5 stops from mine! If me and Ma-Sithole have the same tags and pay the same amount, please can you tell your favourite passengers that i would like to sit where i want to sit.

End of the year, your drivers expect gifts from us passengers, that we feel obliged to pop out money and get you something nice. I believe in the intentions of the heart more than actions, so unfortunately this year again, i will not be popping out money to buy your drivers gifts.

You always get me thinking twice about my safety when you choose to lift 200 passengers in a bus that can only take 60 seating passengers and 20 standing!I have come to believe that you hire people who are fed up with life and would not mind dying prematurely never mind soon, but just dont want to die alone!

I really have beautiful clothes like white pants; suede material shoes; cute flower print wedges and so forth. Unfortunately i don't wear them when i am catching a ride with you because you might lift 199 other passengers that we are squashed in a bus like sardines in a tin, everyone touching each other and people stepping on my beautiful shoes!

As much as seeing you gets me frustrated, i must admit i have met a few interesting people in your buses. People who i would discuss everything and anything about life (including you) and still admit that life is worth living. I love your buses with evangelists, one gets encouraged in God's word as we sing praises all the way to work and back. That is really encouraging, so encouraging that one realises that anything is possible, even buying a car sooner with good savings from an internship job can be possible!

Lastly, i would like to mention that, you are worse than taxi drivers. Taxi drivers might be rude but they sure will help you with directions and try get you to the right place safe without the whole ride being treated like you got in the taxi for free! For the first time in my life, you got me looking on the net for a starter car. Not that i am not ambitious to buy my dream car but you can make someone think of robbing a bank to buy a car before the start of another week. 

With that said, i thank you for those faithful drivers who are always willing to assist,drive safe and are always smiling when i greet them. All the best with your business.


  1. Hahaha! Nice one! As a former fellow putco bus commuter used to say: "Putco my beginning!" At some point many of us start off there... so we can relate!

  2. Lol, what a wonderful peace. I should write one about my taxi experiences. You and Smakie are similar. She could add to this blog. Nice once
    Love you
    From Kamza:-)

  3. Bo 'malome '... Bus drive looking for bo Makhwane from the commuters un-ethical straight

  4. Lol, i guess we all have our own personal experiences in public transport.

  5. And that's why we got rid of them in the 80s here in KZN!!


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