Everyday i am reminded of how life will humble life is unfair and how life can change in a split second!

My high school biology teacher used to remind us that we are not yet living, after matric that is when we will see what life is about. I remember giggling and thinking " shame, she probably have missed out on life hence she thinks we are not living!"

Life will humble you!
At 18, i really thought that i will be done with varsity at age21, will be driving my first car at 23 and have my own place i call my home. I really thought it would be easy to get to varsity, only to get there with my marks needing to be reviewed. Basically one is then describedon  what they will study with the marks they have obtained in Grade 12. I recall one of my classmates laughing sarcastically, teasing on how we are excited of passing Grade 12 without an exemption. Unfortunately she did not know then that we will be in the same varsity a year later, both being first year students as she also had to complete a foundation course (huh!thats life!)

I am 25years, and still trying to complete my first tertiary qualification, with no car or a place i call home. Its amazing how a three year qualification can take one five years to complete, simply not because they are stupid, but reason being they cannot afford to study all the first year modules all at once due to funds.

At times, it is even hard to explain to relatives, for they don't know how much fees costs (but they surely know the exact year of when you started your tertiary studies!)Its just hard to explain every year that "no,its not my last year" without sounding as if you are stupid or kinda slow!

Life has made me not to be judgemental,but to sympathise with others and to be patient.

Im moved with compassion when i see some of my former school mates being cleaners, cashiers, taxi drivers and some just drug addicts. These are people who were so ambitious, who wore school uniform with pride and who tried their best to attend extra lessons to understand their subjects. They had dreams like me. I refuse to believe that any young person desires to be nothing but just exist in life!situations happened, disappointments occured, dreams slowly faded and before they knew it, they just gave up on life.

Its easier to be opinionated when you are from the outside. Yet for some, who are like me and are living life from the inside, one knows that maybe, just maybe it could have been you who gave up on life and compromised your dreams just to exist and exist in life just to get by.

Life is so unfair, hard as this may sound but the reality is, life is so unfair. A township girl with no opportunity given has to study so hard to get to Grade 12, go through varsity with a student loan, become an average student simply because she does not know how to complete an assignment using the Internet to source out information. The girl who will spend nights going through one text book with 566 pages and at the completion of nthe assignment, having just one reference (the text book) in her assignment. She will have to try her best to push through and compete with those who knew how to work with excel in Grade 4, those with parents who have strong connections/relationships to get them an internship in one of the global companies while still in second year.
The township girl will have to compete with those who buy cars and houses after six months of working while she still has to fix her home where she grew up in, pay the loan she went through varsity with and when she thinks she can finally enjoy her money, her younger sibling will be finishing high school and is ready for varsity too!

Oh!life will give you a chair to sit on so that you can calm down. It will give you lemons to chew so you can keep quiet and keep your opinions to yourself. It will humble you.That is life!

To all those who pushed hard to study, those who faxed through 50 CVs or emailed them using the Internet's cafe owner's email address (because you did not have yours), to those who only learned how to master MS office in the workplace...

To those who grew up in unfavourable circumstances yet chose the best choices and the longest route to a successful life, to those who refused to compromise their values, to those who allowed life to build a good character in them instead of being bitter and blaming other people, thank you for being a great leader with great influence.
Life is 10% what happens to me and 90% of how I react to it-John Maxwell


  1. wow, so authentic Timor.

  2. lol i love that part "'....Oh!life will give you a chair to sit on so that you can calm down"....
    its so easy to judge and say whatever u want when u dont seem to relate...//much respect for someone who uses whatever he can meanwhile waiting on that big break,as supposed to caving into the worlds pressure n peoples opinions of where u should be with your life thus becoming no.1 le gintsa ..(that line of work its stressful in itself,u will get wrinkles before your time)or living a lie. #thanx for being transparent Timor #God bless ur writing.


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