Getting to know Temogo

"Words are beautiful! I love letters put together to make up beautiful, strong words!- TA Pitjeng"
Very detailed! Everything she does is planned and done intentionally so she may be responsible for her actions. She enjoys writing, though she does not do it as often as she should but does enjoy writing. Let me tell you more about Temo from my own experience with myself.

She has a strong character and is very emotional, she cries about everything and anything,whether good or bad. She loves love, loves to be around lovers! If she had to be a car, she would be a BMW X5, reason being, at first glance, you would think she is an introvert, a quiet shy girl. As you get to know her, she gets comfortable and comes out of her shell, you would really think that she is unapproachable, not knowing shes easy going all season round and very warm at heart. She is definitely one of those people who when you are in some sort of a relationship with her, its a timeless relationship, you cannot put time to it, it is endless and it takes you and her to make it work. You will see the strong characteristics in her, the wise words she shares and always quoting people in her conversations ( it shows that she reads a lot!)

Temogo can be opinionated, yet lately, i have watched her reserve her comments where they are not needed. She is learning to listen more and speak where its necessary.

Timor, as some call her, is passionate about Jesus,family, books, relationships, leadership,cooking,music,good food, a great company and discussions about life.

She loves long night drives on Gauteng highways. She loves her me-time, which she intentionally schedules time to pause,reflect and evaluate.

Her secret hobbies are to sing and dance and if she was gifted in those, that is how she would express herself more!

She highly prioritizes her time with God, family and with her friends. She invests time in the things that she will learn from and grasp something.

Some call her Temogo, Temo, Timor, beloved one, Annah...i call her myself. She lives in me and is my true reflection. I know her more than she even knows herself. Her name does not describe half of who she is. Her name is for identification but doing life with her is a bliss. She has her flaws but its nothing big that cannot be worked on. With that said, May you enjoy every post shared!


  1. Nice to meet you Timor :-)

    1. Hi there,

      I am following your blog. Words are beautiful!continue to write. Thats how best writers became best writers, they wrote everyday. ;-)

  2. Temz, I'm so excited that you have a blog, which you share caricature's of everyday life.

    Love it!!!!!

    1. Hey Mosidi,

      It is also a way to keep you in the know of my thoughs and what i have thinking of ne!


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