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What a year it has been! December is a month where I reflect on how the year was and also plan things that I need to do next year. This is the first festive where I was indoors most of the time. As much as I love great company, this festive was different for me. I was more happy being alone reading than being out and about. I have never stretched like I did this year. A year that started so well. I could see the light at the end of the tunnel, I was able to see it in January 2013. Hopeful as I was, and very detailed, I wrote the plans down, my 2013 plans. The year started with a new year’s lunch with friends, good food and great conversations, more my style! Mom likes to say “If God could show us the future, we would not make the decisions we make because we would have seen that’s not the best direction to go”. If I knew that 2013 would be a benchmark year for me, I would have asked God to be a little easier on me, so I stretch slowly by a year, and not by a month.
The light I saw at th…