The Love Story

“Do me a favour. Please write your vision. Make two copies and put each in an envelope. I will give you further instructions.”

So he does have game, I thought to myself when he asked me to write my vision. I knew “I know it sounds cliché especially when you are assuming what I knew, lol” but I knew God’s ways are perfect and good for me. I was at peace. It’s not easy to let your hair down on these love things especially when you’ve been hurt…more than 10times, yet I knew B will propose because things were different with him.

His first call made my day. I told one of my guy friends about the call. He said he can’t imagine how hard it was for B to call. It can be ego denting knowing your mother is hooking you up. That on its own feels as though you don’t have game or there is something wrong with you or maybe you can’t even make a move on a girl. I told my friend maybe I should text him to say thanks for the fun call that made my day. He agreed but warning me not to overanalyse the text message. Keep it short and simple.

I text. He texted back asking for my surname. I asked for his as well. That was it. I didn’t read too much into it, I didn’t create expectations. I was not playing wedding scenarios in my head. Life went on being normal. So did his I guess. We would text each other once in a while. One time I decided to test him. I don’t know why but I did. I wanted to watch a follow up programme of John Maxwell when he was in South Africa as TBN was broadcasting it. Unfortunately I was not going to be home when it played and I needed someone to watch it for me and take notes for me. I asked him for the favour. It was in his response that made me realise he has a warm heart. He explained he cannot watch the programme as he also will not be home but went on to say sorry I missed the conference when John was in South Africa. Normal people apologise for not being able to do the favour for you, but people with warm heart go an extra mile. That’s was not it, I remember days later he checked up on me on how an interview went. It felt so good to have someone check up on me after the interview. I am not implying I’m lonely and have no loved ones, my mom has always been best in asking how my interviews went. It was hearing it from someone who is not family that made me feel more special.

I remember telling another guy friend of mine and he said he doesn’t want to read too much into this but he has a good feeling about it. “Mothers are never wrong and if someone who loves him dearly saw you for the first time and knew, this guy should know better that mothers are never wrong” my friend added.

Life went on. Conversation grew. We were friends. B was interesting and disciplined. He did not chat after 9pm and was strict on that. I am disciplined as well in chatting to males after 8pm. Chatting can create a false hope and foolish feelings and you end up flirting.  B was very firm in the questions he asked. I’ve always been labelled stuck up by most guys because I am the type that asks where these dates are going on the second date. I don’t assume. My two cents worth of advise to ladies: Never assume a guy is into you. Real men will say it, they will not leave you confused while you figure what is happening between you and him. Always ask. Back to B, he asked relevant questions, questions I would ask if I was doing a background check on someone, lol. He went in deep and I liked it. Very focused. Knows what he wants and where he’s going and does not have the whole lifetime to be in relationships just to see where it might end.

“Lord, this guy is really interesting and I like him. I have spoken about you helping me to guard my heart. Daddy I have been hurt, I cannot be naïve. Why is Bongani coming into my life? What is he here to do? What’s up with him? He has a warm heart. I need the peace Daddy.”

This was my prayer to God. Woke up the next day with peace I cannot explain but I was at peace. More than anything, B was more than what I desired in a husband. He had the character I prayed for and more. A month before he called, my prayers for a spouse were intense. Some mornings I would wake up and pray for my husband to adore me. For him to be my best friend, for me and him to know and not miss each other. I was tired of attending weddings alone or rushing home to watch Generations. I wanted to go out and not with my usual girls. I love my ladies but I wanted to have conversations with him. I missed him even when I had not yet met him. Now I know I was pressing in because he was closer.

B and I were now friends. Please note I have not met him physically, all I know is his heart. I was in love with his heart. I looked forward to talking to him. He never tried to flirt with me. We decided to meet up two days before the actual date we had decided to meet up.  He doesn’t know this but because we decided that very morning to meet up, I was temporarily out of cash that morning. I asked for R10 and made my way to Maboneng in JHB town. I remember how nervously excited I was to meet him. When I did, he embraced me with a warm hug. Held my hand and opened the car door for me. Went to one of favourite restaurant at Maboneng called Canteen. He pulled out a chair for me and teased me for ordering a can of Coca-Cola in a restaurant, lol. As we sat excitingly blushing at each other, he told me his plan. He first asked if I wrote down my visions. He then told me he’d like me to come to his home town with him to meet his family and his loved ones. I agreed with no hesitation but told him my mom has the final say as I live under her roof. He agreed.

The Proposal:

He gave me a copy of his vision. He also gave me one of his youth conference worship album just to get a more detail of what he is involved in. “Temogo, you add so much value in my life. Having known you, you have added value. I wanted you to write your vision down and make two copies because one copy is for me. I have done the same too. Please take your vision and my vision, open them together and see if you can support my vision. I will do the same too and see if I can support your vision. God will grace us to knit them together. I love you so much. Ma Annie was spot on. I love you and I would love you to do life with me.”


Without hesitation, I did not say no. I knew. I was at peace. I knew he was going to propose. I didn’t assume, I knew he was going to propose. He is focus, he is the guy God has been grooming. I am not going to lie and say I never prayed for a husband. Even after all the forbidden fruits I thought there might be something special with them, I never gave up on love. I believed in love everyday like never before.

I love hearing people’s love stories because these stories inspire me. God gave me a story to tell. God cares about every detail of our lives. Before we were born, He knew how our lives are going to unfold. His plans are good and perfect for us. Never give up on love or in the word God has given you. If you have a desire to marry one day, God is the one who has placed that desire in you and He will meet it.

Little did I know the book interview I did with ma Annie was a destined day for me. Little did I know God loves me so much to bring someone from Malawi to take my number to give to my future husband. Little did I know Ma Annie was my Ananias, who had come for this mission to be fulfilled. You know what’s funny…when I added B as a friend on Facebook, out of 500+ friends I have, we did not have a mutual friend. When God does His thing, no one can take credit J




  1. Am so happy and blessed by what God is doing in you, and for you and with you. I know God has a good plan for me sometimes I get too impatient and try to help myself, thanks for showing me God's best is the ultimate. I will wait for him

  2. God if faithful. He has made everything beautiful in its own time. Well done to the Zondi! Lavani

  3. Ausi Temogo this is heart warming:)

  4. Ausi Temogo this is heart warming:)

  5. Wow. There's always light at the end of the tunnel. This is truly heart warming.


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