A Godly Hook Up

“I know someone who can be compatible for you. He is my son, I love him so much and he is in ministry. I need your permission to give him your number.”

It was a normal working day for me. I was asked to interview Mrs Annie Chikhwaza from Malawi who was launching her book in South Africa. Ma Annie is in her mid-70s and has done the extra ordinary in her life. She was part of the team that worked to get permission for Rhema to have another branch in Alexandra. She birthed the Thandanani orphanage home in Alexandra which years later gave the birth to Kondanani Children’s village in Malawi which is the biggest orphanage village in Africa. It was an honour to be interviewing a believer who 50years later, was still hungering for God and living for God. A woman with such bravery and so much wisdom to share with me. I had the privilege to sit down with her in a 90minutes interview about her book that really transformed my life when I read it. 

Little did I know meeting her was a beginning of a remarkable love story which inspires me every time I share it with others and reminds me of the love of God. A story that has marked a cornerstone in my life to remind me to always trust Him fully, because HE cares about the details of my life.
I arrived at the restaurant 10minutes late. I had communicated with ma Annie that I am running late. At my arrival she was warm and loving. We found a table and sat there. I applied the Media 101 personal interview break the ice questions. “Would you like to order anything before we start? Please can I record the interview for reference?” the usual questions to make the interviewee comfortable. Our drinks came and we started with the interview.

Ma Annie mentions in her book the biggest mistake in her life was her first marriage. I didn’t understand why she still called it a mistake when God used her mightily in transforming people’s lives. “It’s a mistake because its 17years that could have been prevented” she said. I asked her what advice she would give to young ladies like me who desire to marry one day. She shared the following 4points with me:

  1. Do not only go for a born again Christian man. Go for the one who studies the word of God and lives the word of God. “I married a man of God. We met at youth yet he is the same man who abused me.”
  2. Be friends with him. Marry someone who is your friend, because your spouse is your best friend. The one who even if you were not in a relationship with him, you would still be friends with him.
  3. Do a background check. I don’t mean dwell in the past, but try find out how his family view on women. Does he have a male figure who mentors him? Is he affectionate and so forth.
  4. Lastly, you will be at peace. I cannot describe the peace but it is the peace Jesus speaks of. I didn’t have peace on my wedding day. I wanted to call it off but couldn’t stand the thought of my mother calling me a failure again, so I went through with it.  

After sharing the profound points, she asked if I am married, my age and if I would like to marry one day. We sat and had a chat after the interview. She is wise, therefore I wanted to draw from her well and be fed by being inspired by her journey with Christ. She gave advice and shared more of her stories. We connected. 

Out of nowhere ma Annie says to me “I know someone who can be compatible with you. He is in ministry and is very handsome.” I giggle in amazement and she asks for my permission to give him my contacts. I agree. My thoughts at that moment are “shame grannies would do anything to put a smile on your face. She really desires I marry. Encouraging indeed.” I didn’t read too much into it. When we parted ways, ma Annie reminds me the guy will call me, I shouldn’t worry. I laugh, hug her and say I will wait for the call. When I walked out of the restaurant, I had forgotten about the “hook up” and was focusing on submitting the article. 

Three months later, I receive a call. I am very stuck up. 5seconds in the conversation I ask who I am talking to. The voice on the other end of the connection was charming and sexy, lol and I didn’t ask. The person asked how I am and I had what I call a fun chat with him. 5minutes later, he says “let me cut to the chase, you are speaking to Bongani.” I didn’t know a Bongani in my life. He went to explain I had an interview with his mother. I thought “I’ve done a lot of interviews, I cannot remember who he is talking about.” He mentioned it was a book interview. Immediately I remembered ma Annie as it was the only book interview I conducted. To me, it was a fun call. To B? Well, he thought he can do life with a stranger he can have a fun chat with.


  1. Omg! I want hear more about this Godly hookup! I want me a hookup too! Lol great piece, am happy for you

  2. Great one!
    Just when you are not paying attention, not searching, not trying, just doing you - He IS AT WORK - God is too awesome...

  3. quite unique, lovely! Your writing is good Temo!

  4. Hi ladies, thank you for the taking the time to read and for feedback. I try my best to share life experiences to inspire, educate and encourage others.

    One lady put it so nicely that we all need a Naomi in our lives to mentor and encourage us and ma Annie is my Naomi. I have always been a sucker to hear how people met and now i get to share my own personal love story. I am still in awe whenever I share the story.

    Ellen, see what God is going to do, He is going to give you stories that will leave you in tears of joy whenever you have to share them. All good and perfect things are from Him and He is the best story teller as He knows how our life stories start and end.

    Look out for the second part to this post during this month of July. :)


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