A dream chaser!

Growth stops when you lose the tension between where you are and where you could be. Your desire to grow is the tension of your rubber band.
Wow!so this is really it! i started something and finished well! I cannot wait for new beginnings!

Growing up is scary, its doable but scary! Choices you make have consequences to them, its like you are planting a seed and you will reap what you have planted, whether you want it or not.

Its also easy to get comfortable hey!you start working, getting some few rands and all of a sudden, you get immune to your bank account receiving money every month. Its scary! lol life is something else!

Its my last day at work today, i am excited for new beginnings and adapting to change. As excited as i am, i have realised how some of my acquaintances freak out and get to a panic mode when they realise my contract has ended.

"Beg them, show up; do anything;its hard getting a job;show them you are desperate and you need the job" Those were some of the advices i received from people who have gotten used to their salaries that life revolves around it. Its disappointing to realise how people have put their dreams aside. How dream chasers have turned into average thinkers, people who live just to get by!

When you know the potential that is in you and what you are born to do, you will not settle for a "just to get by" life. I know who i am, where i am from and where i am going. Be willing to take a pay cut to get where you are going. Young person do it now before priorities change!Do it now and do it well!

Have a plan!Have reachable goals and never settle for anything. Never follow nothing and end up nowhere, but be flexible to see every path that leads to your purpose. It might be a long route with a lot of turns, be wise to spot a path that takes you to your dream.

Character growth determines the height of your personal growth. You need a solid foundation to build something great. This foundation is your character.

Its hard to get a job, its as hard as getting married or finding the right person to spend the rest of your life with. As much as these things are hard, we still continue to see people getting married, we still continue to see people getting jobs, so why generalise yourself amongst others?i am exclusive! I know who my Source is. I am the child of the Most High God! He creates opportunities for me and gives me the ability to create opportunities for myself. Be like Nigerians, see a business opportunity everywhere with anything. What do you have in your hands?use it!Be like Americans, be money wise and smart. Don't be opening accounts and getting into debts that you end up working so you can pay off debts! Be like the Koreans, Pray pray and pray more!!!

I know its going to get tough, Man plan but God's plan will prevail. I have no doubt that 1second to God can be 5years to us man, such patients and perseverance builds character!

Growth always increases your capacity. People who are growing are excited about what they are learning and where they are going.

As i leave, my boss said "You have so much potential, you are going places. Do me a favour, when you are in high places, give someone a chance, like i gave you a chance." Mr Hein Kaiser

To new beginnings, a new chapter in my life, Lord only you know!For now, I'm singing praises to you!Thank you for this internship!


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