Death...indescribable pain!

Pain!something one can never get used to no matter how many times they have experienced it. Death brings pain, an indescribable pain that makes the body so numb!

The past few weeks, my loved ones have lost their immediate family members and as a friend and a sister, i have to be there for them. I am probably not experiencing the amount of pain they are going through but if I'm hurt,in pain and mourning, i cant imagine what they are going through. Whenever someone dies, i am reminded how fast life can change! It can change in a split second. Next minute you are with your loved one, the next,(s)he is gone.

Losing a loved one is the hardest thing one can go through. You grew up with that person, spoke to them on a daily basis, text them every six hours, had disagreements with them yet went through the uncomfortable conversations to fix things through. Laughed, sang and danced with them . Went on holidays with them, then before you know it, you find out they are gone!dead! and all you have is memories. Hard thing to adjust to!

My bestie who lost her mom years back encourages me to go support those who have lost their loved ones. She likes to say " I know how it feels to see people coming in and out your home and bringing comforting and encouraging words, you may not understand it, but it is comforting" . I guess that is what family is for, we support one another in good and bad situations. We become relevant to one another in the best way we know how.

The hardest thing about death is the actual day when you have to bury your loved one. It hits you, that you will never see them as often as you used to. You will never call them when you want to. and hear their voice.

You know what is more comforting?It is knowing that Jesus' yolk is easier. He say come and sit by my feet, don't question when life is unfair, but trust me for this too shall pass. Let us not attach time to healing, just trust me, don't only draw strength from me, but allow me to be your strength and daily i will renew you.

Its okay to miss a lost loved one, don't feel guilty for missing them or wishing they were still around but also treasure the memories you had with them.

At my cousin's 21st birthday, in the speech i wrote for her, i wrote " I wish i die first, because i cannot imagine life without you. You are my better half". Growing up made both of us aware that we will never be with each other forever. For now, as i still have my loved ones around, i will continue making every moment with them a priceless moment and will continue acting out my love for them the best way i praying for them!(oh! and writing a beautiful note/letter for them to keep for a lifetime, even when I'm gone! )

To my lovies who have lost their loved ones, who cry themselves to sleep some nights; who wonder who will be there to say well done on their graduation day; those who wonder who will help them get dressed on their wedding day and walk you down the isle. To my lovies who have lost their better half; their other half; their queen or king; their besties!
I may not have the full experience of what you are going through but I'm know that nothing surprises God. Some days will be better, some days will be harder than others, but God is still there to comfort you.

A widow to the 9/11 hijacked plane pilot said " When i got a call that my husband had died in a plane crash, i never thought i will be able to live again. It was a shock and i could not believe it. One thing i realised was i had become lazy. My husband did everything and i dependent on him for most things. Now as he was gone, life had to move forward. The first time i spoke was at his funeral. I realised i have a gift in speaking and years later, i am a motivational speaker who encourages people.

 " Each time we encounter a painful experience, we get to know ourselves a little better"


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