Will you still be here, when the honeymoon is over?

"Marriage is not between people who love each other only, but people who cannot live without each other."

Relationships are simple yet so complicated. Something that is easily applied by me does not necessarily mean it’s going to be easily applied by the next person and it will work wonders for them. There’s really no formula to relationships, but you just don’t mess around with the matters of the heart hey!

Will you still be here with me after the honeymoon is over? Will you still dance to the rhythm of our heartbeats when the music stops? Will you still love me even when I’m unlovable? Those are questions I have been asking myself over the last few weeks. Do I desire to be with the one who gives up on me or who has committed to be with me despite the wrongs I make or how many times I mess up! '

Every relationship has a honeymoon phase. Where all is bliss. Where the both of you feel where has (s)he been all your life because I’ve never been happier, infact life began when (s) he came in your life and stole your heart. The question is, after honeymoon phase, will (s) he still stick it through? It’s said that character, like a photograph develops in the dark, in unfavourable conditions, when one is pushed out of his/her comfort by life and its issues, will (s) he still be here? With me?

Emotions will always root out first when differences that cause arguments arise, but when you base your decisions on the emotions you’re feeling, then you are in trouble! That’s when character comes in! See one thing I love about life is the uncertainties of it that will force your character to come out and be developed whether you like it or not.

Yes, when we argue I will try defend myself; yes I might lose it and ignore you for the next three hours or more but I am not afraid to hurt your feelings because we are sustaining what we have committed to. Yes, I admit, most of the time you make me sick but I can’t imagine having these arguments with someone I like, I love you! We are different people with different personalities, I’m a difficult person I know, now you know why I give people more than one chance because I’m redeemed everyday by God. I’m an imperfect person who’s learned to love perfectly. Whatever happens, I will not walk out on you, I will not give up but will stick it through. The question is, will you be there after the honeymoon phase?

It’s okay if you will not be here next to my curvaceous body, its better to go through a break up now than go through a divorce later.  The least you can do is let me know if you will be here, when the honeymoon is over?


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