The Game Masters

Its taken me time to write on this topic as I really do not want anyone to feel attacked by my opinions, but when I write a post,it is after observations that I've made. Therefore,everything I write is through experience and secondary experience that people I know have experienced. We are one way or the other living life from the inside as life is not something that is read and you become an expert in it,but you live it and experience its lessons. Whether you love the lessons or not,it continues to teach and humbles you through experiences you go through.

With that said,I've come to admire men. I mean I really have an interest in this gender that I'm very happy that males were created. They are really lovely beings. I will not get into more details about these creatures now,but one thing I've come to observe is the spirit of a hunter in them. That on its own proves they've been cut from the same cloth. Nothing is so attractive like a man who chases after a woman even if he was rejected a few times. 

But...lately my kind (women that is) have raised their issues on how men these days don't chase after them,they are so chilled lately that they don't hunt anymore!
So,women in general, (most of them) have shared their frustrations,and to be more detailed,women in my Father's home (Christian women) have found themselves in positions where they end up having to send hints and cues; making themselves accessible or even worse,end up telling the gentle brother how they feel about them! (Shame!its getting challenging for my sisters)

With all that said,I've come to see how gentle brothers at church are losing the women at church to worldly guys. As much as they are afraid to chase after the lady they love because they are scared of being rejected (as if no one has never being rejected), I once thought there's no way I'll date a guy from the world, I mean,why would I want to bring such confusion in my life!...until I was approached by a worldly guy!my experience with this guy made me understand why my sisters end up falling for this kind.

Worldly guys have game for days!they've understood what it takes to win a woman. They pursue until you as a woman end up falling for them. I mean you don't sit and read bible verses all day, no spirit came to them to come ask a woman out!they know women love good food hence they will dine you well and not only lead you on a fast week! They really have game for days that they put christian guys to shame with how they've mastered this!

They've taken time to study women to get what they want. Their game strategy to win women consist of:

  • Their 10th date with you is still as amazing as the first one. They ask you to avail yourself for breakfast. When you have done so,they will not allow you to drive there. They pick you up from your home and take you to a hotel for breakfast. They are a level higher than you woman!
  • They will buy you flowers and have them delivered to your home in Soweto ( Never knew that netflorist delivers in Soweto!)
  • They are problem solvers. As much as you express your issues,they make means to help you. They are good listeners as well.
  • They will even come to church with you if the need be to win you over and impress you. They will fetch you from an all night prayer with your friends and drop each at their home.
  • They will call you and are consistent with calling. In fact,you will never know their "please call me" texts.

I can go on how these guys can sweep a woman off her feet to fall in his arms. I fell for this kind as well. I know how they operate. One common thing about them is they work for the prize and the prize only! All this pursuing has you leveling down to how they do life. They can even buy you the most expensive car and an estate home, but you end up being hopeful of certain things.

With me,I was hopeful that this guy will one day want to commit and marry me. He really wasn't into committing. He was prepared to buy me a car or a house. But I knew I'd end up having a child,a nice car,a big home and still,he wouldn't want to commit to me. Some of my sisters even lost their relationship with God for this kind of a guy. Some don't even make time for God anymore!

Others as much as they have it all,they've realised not even money can buy you love nor happiness, and because they gotten used to the luxury lifestyle, its hard for them to start all over again.
Some of my sisters got the guy to come to church and even marry them,yet deep in their hearts they know that he's only a church goer to please her,he knows about God but he's not in God. The least of my sisters lost their purity. They gave in that such activities have become their norm.

You see, the worldly guys have game that unconsciously gets you in their bed without them saying anything! That's the main prize! That's what they are after, your body! You will find yourself in that bed willingly,when condemnation has the best of you after the act! Before you know it,its become a norm.

I remember the guy I met giving me a solution. That he loves me so much that he's willing to have sex once a month instead of every two days because he respects my values. Lol,he didn't get that it wasn't about the many times I have it,it was me not wanting to live in sin and enjoy marriage privileges when I'm not married!I refused to sell my integrity purpose;values for a 2-minute pleasure!

I've come to admire men in God. There's a difference between a man in God and a man of God. One thing that makes me fall in love with a man is his hunger for God,the one whose so in love with Jesus and is Kingdom minded. Yes,the gentle brothers may not have game like the worldly guys but I've seen the lion in them coming out when its time to pursue a woman. Nothing will stop a man from pursuing,when they've made up their minds, he will go all out to get you to have his last name.

So sisters, stay in this family. Stay home. Do you!!if gentle brother comes,he will. If he doesn't, God has something best for you! God is all knowing!
To my gentle brothers, I giggle when I think of your game sometimes,but I've come to admire you. I know you've got this! 


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