Get yourself checked woman!

“Well, she suffered from intense period pains and when she went to the doctor, she was told she has cysts and she needs to do an op”. That was the first time I heard of cysts and the first time I realised that it is not normal to have intense period pains that paralyse.

This was 2014 when I had the conversation with a friend about another friend. Knowing I also suffer from intense period pains, however, I didn’t see the need to go see the gynaecologist. By the end of 2014, I had heard of cysts from two women who had them and endured a lot of pain. “These things must be common” I thought. I continued enduring my intense period pains as myprodol would ease them for an hour or two, but I was not planning to go see a doctor. This was my thing, I am not a sickly person and never was in my early stages of growing up. So I feared doctors and hospitals. I still do! I always think 6 out of 10, doctors always tell you the worst news. But I knew that ignorance wouldn’t get me anywhere because I know God uses doctors, and doing regular check-ups can help identify what shouldn’t be in me at an early stage. Still, I chose not to go to the doctor.

A few days into 2016, I had a sleepless night. After waking up in between the night and early hours of the morning taking myprodol, for the first time it didn’t ease the pain. I still suffered intense menstrual pains. Because I had become too familiar with the pain, I knew how long it will last during my cycle but this time, it was excruciating by the hour. By the second night, I was crying from a pain I thought I knew how to deal with, but this time, it was showing me flames! I have never been in labour, but from what I have heard, labour pains are a dull aching pain, that has a needle/knife piercing pain that comes in minute intervals. That is how I would describe my pain. It was so painful, I cried helplessly as it paralysed me every 30 minutes.

The next morning I had to face my fears and go to the hospital. I felt so helpless. B felt helpless as he didn’t know what to do to make the pain stop, but I appreciated him just being there. It was a Saturday and there was no gynae in on weekends. The way I was not a fan of hospitals, I didn’t even have my own gynaecologist to call up for an emergency! The GP took urine samples and examined my abdominal area. After all that he said, “It looks like you are having the premenstrual cycle pains. I will prescribe one strong pain killer, Myprodol.” I got teary and told him that he can’t prescribe Myprodol, it did nothing for me over the past two days and I also tried Voltaren and it did nothing. I need something stronger and I will come back on Monday for the gynae if I am still experiencing pain. He gave me an injection which helped me sleep. The injection lasted for a night because when I woke up the next morning, I still experienced pain.

The pain was still as painful, but I realised how my body got used to the pain as the experience got older by the day. I was not crying and screaming like I did. I got used to it. I refused to take myprodol but anticipated Monday morning so I can go see the gynae.

This happens to a lot of us woman. We get used to the pain and think it reduced but we just learned to live with it and endure it. We never bother doing yearly check-ups with the gynae. I got to the gynae on Monday and he was only set to come in at midday. I was in so much pain I couldn’t wait. I sat next to a 34 year old lady who believed she had a miscarriage. On my left side was a woman in her late 40s suffering abdominal pains like I. The 40 year old sat next to a 70 year old granny who was experiencing abdominal pains as well. Different age groups, different races, same problem!

I was in so much pain I couldn’t wait another hour. I needed someone to attend to me as soon as four days ago! Friends referred me to their gynaes, and we went with one awesome gynae who is now my gynaecologist.

She did a pap smear and did an ultrasound scan to see what might be causing the pain. “There’s a black object about 8cm. I am assuming it is a cyst but I can’t really say. I am not even sure where this thing is growing. I may need to send you for second opinion pelvic scan so we are really sure what the object is and where it is growing.”

My second scan was due a week later and my gynae (feels good to say My Gynae) prescribed pain killers that really worked but I was not happy with the side effects that I decided to stop taking the pain killers. I nourished myself with God’s word and declared His promises over my life. Before I was even aware of it, I was not experiencing pain at all. I was healed the moment I received my healing, and despite how much pain I would be experiencing, I thanked God got His healing. At first I was anxious of the second scan appointment especially when she assumed it’s a cyst and was not sure it is one. That left me thinking all kinds of worst objects that could be that 8cm black object in me. I declared I am not barren and I am not going to die. After that I asked my prayer friends to stand in agreement with me.

The doctor’s report came back. Nothing life threatening but the black object was named. Doctor’s report, not God’s report. Now that I know, I am able to call it by name and curse it out. Many believers like I can be ignorant in going for check-ups, but if you continue to be ignorant, you will perish. The doctors’ reports are not to scare you but to caution you. More than anything, it is their report and God has His report about you. Your health issues or doctors’ reports are not bigger than God! Never allow these things to bring fear and anxiety over your life. Also be careful who you talk to. Sometimes our friends can be self-appointed google doctors. Other people can instil fear. Do not rely on your intellect or what people say. Get healing/promise scriptures and speak them over your life.

Cysts; fibroids; Pap smear; ovarian cancer; endometritis and many others are terms you should be familiar with as a woman. The reason why we have our own specialist doctor it is because our bodies are delicate and special. Paralysing period pains are not normal. Having an inconsistent menstrual cycle is not normal. Any abdominal pain is not normal. Exercising and eating right yet you cannot lose the weight is not normal. Get yourself checked and let’s not be ignorant!!



  1. Whether you write about your love life or spiritual life you give an ordinary person of any level in life hope. I love how you used your health to minister again through your writing.
    Indeed you are healed my sister. We mostly have stories that can minister to you too. I had no periods for over 3years, and it was named primary amenorrhea. When I got married my hubby and I prayed, declared scripture, he layed hands on my womb, we spoke to it that I will bear our children and here's our living and breathing testimony that was conceived in our second mont of marriage. God is faithful. He listens to our words. I thank Him for healing you. You remind me of the woman with the issue of blood. She had that kind of faith you have.
    Preach on Mrs. Zondi.

    1. Hi FAith, thank you for sharing your story. Powerful story i must say. That is what we need to do, share our stories and testimonies to give hope to others.


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