What's Next?

Two months ago I read a Facebook update that said “Why must I get married? I mean after getting married, what’s next?” as much as he was denouncing the institution of marriage and not really sold out in marriage (which that’s his choice) I was very interested in the latter part of his Facebook post.
Everything we do has what’s next we always ask ourselves because as human beings (I don’t think animals or other beings read my blog), while we still alive, we just don’t want to exist until we die but desire to live our lives to the fullest! Human as we are, we all have this thing in us that pushes us to desire to achieve something in life, achieve something for ourselves that we can be proud of.
·         After your honours qualification, what’s next?
·         You are married, what’s next
·         You are in senior position in your career, what’s your next move?
·         You launched your company with 300 employees, what’s next?
·         You finally got the job title you’ve always dreamed of in an organisation you desired to work for since you started your career, what’s next?
The reason why we have a lot of unhappy people who have done so well in life that their lives can be envied, it’s because people are not content. They achieve things so they can be seen with a certain crowd. When they do make it in that particular crowd, they realise it’s not what they expected and continue to seek for things that they believe will make them feel they have arrived. We never arrive. We never stop evolving and we never arrive in life because there’s always more.
“Being content is if you were to be told you will never get more than you have now, you will be happy and content.” 
 Before you go on a journey to make something of yourself, start first by knowing you are already someone. Know your worth and whose you are. It is always important to know and believe that you don’t need nothing more to make you a better person. That will prevent you suffering from superiority complexity.
"The superiority complex is one of the ways that a person with an inferiority complex may use as a method of escape from her/his difficulties. (S)he assumes that (s)he is superior when (s)he is not, and this false success compensates her/him for the state of inferiority which (s)he cannot bear. The normal person does not have a superiority complex, (s)he does not even have a sense of superiority. (S)he has the striving to be superior in the sense that we all have ambition to be successful; but so long as this striving is expressed in work it does not lead to false valuations, which are at the root of mental disease."
Here’s another point that has been in my heart ever since I read about it in one of Kenneth Hagin’s book, “the permissible (approved) will and the perfect (unspoiled) will”. One of the things the bible says is ask and it shall be given. Meaning, if we are consistent in prayer in really desiring to have what we ask from Him, it is possible He will end up giving it to us because He loves us and does not like withholding things from us, especially when we constantly tell Him of these desires we have. I mean buying your dream car is not a sin, pursuing a medicine career is not a sin, having a job is not a sin and so forth. The tricky part is, does what we have in the perfect will God has set for us? Or do we have approved wills because we were persisting God in what we desire? How do you even know if you are in the perfect will or permissible will? We all would love to have the desires in our hearts met especially if they don’t contradict God’s word, but how sure are we that all we are and have were not just approved because we asked Daddy for them?
I was surprised that a man like Kenneth Hagin could fall into the permissible plan just by him proclaiming at a sermon that he is a teacher, then a prophet, when God said he is a prophet and then a teacher of the word. God is very detailed hey?!
 “Imagine getting to heaven and God walks around with you showing you what you have done for Him, the universities you built for Him, and the big church you built. He says Great buildings! Good organisation! Great church! But wrong assignment!” -Bishop Ulmer
One of the traits I love about God is, even if you can be in the permissible will, He is the God who makes all things work together for good and makes everything fall into place because He loves us. As you continue making a name for yourself and glorifying God with all you are and have, May you remember to pause and consult Him first to check if you are in the perfect will He has set for you. An unspoiled will is always best than the approved will. So, what’s next champion? Whatever is next, may it bring fulfilment to God and you.


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