The instant "microwave" generation

I was watching TV when I saw a commercial introducing 2 minutes instant pap! My reaction was "the world is coming to an end,lol I mean are we even lazy to wait for pap to cook for 15 minutes!". I'm living in an instant generation. A generation where even food companies are introducing fast cooking methods to accommodate us.

One vital thing I admire about the older generation is how they were able to stick it through. They mastered the principle of not making choices based on emotions. They were willing to walk for two hours to go pursue their passion. This is the generation that would not call off a relationship over matters that can be dealt with overnight. But, we give in and give up easily!
I live in a generation where we would be unstable business owners- for we take things personal and want to associate with those that only think like us as we are threatened by those who challenge our decisions/ideas. I live in a generation where we could never be CEOs, -for we are enticed by the results but are not willing to go through the process. I live in a generation that understands procrastinating as being patient not as laziness.
This is the same generation that gives up on people,write people off simply because they failed us AGAIN and proclaim "we deserve better". I've realised that we are going to marry people we like,because we quickly gave up on those we love. I'm growing in a generation where one will not make the first call to mend things. We will never try things because we've assumed we will be rejected.
People are now afraid to let their hair down and be themselves for the more you know the person,the more their flaws are revealed. We all got issues that only LOVE can deal with and we're growing amongst peers who forgive on surface and love from a distance after our weaknesses have been exposed.
What's sad is,even when you've observed this and want to stick it through,invest time and efforts in a relationship, when the other person has given up on you,you can't work on it alone. You've been swallowed up in this instant world that YOU have mastered to do as they do.

"If you want to know that someone will still be successful in the next decade, check to see if he's maintained long term relationships, for that's a sign,they can commit- Nhlanhla Mabaso"


  1. #Word...this is so true, well written. I love the commitment quote by Mr Mabaso! thanks T


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